K9 Conditioning
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The best way to describe Carmen was fat and lack luster. Under the board attitude and flab, she was a beautiful bull terrier who had despite her lackadaisical attitude for showing had won many majors and easily completed her ROM.

Our big specialty was coming up and she had the construction, and she had a great chance of winning it all but it was hard to see she had become overweight and lazy. What were we going to do? We heard about K-9 conditioning. With our lifestyle, we did not have the time to devote 100 % to Carmen and frankly, after two weeks of "dragging " her up the hills, I had no heart to get her ready.

She left for "boot camp" 8 weeks prior to the show. I dropped her off and laughing said, Call me when she gets the best of you and you are tired of dragging her around. The phone call never did come. Instead I received weekly reports on e-mail with photos to let me know of her progress. If there were questions, a phone call was made to clarify.

When we picked up Carmen 8 weeks later, she was a different dog.

We picked up a dog who was interested in life. She responded to show commands, wanted to walk and was in great shape. Couldn't wait to show off her confirmation.

All we could say was, Thank you Shawn It is the only time I have had Carmen, that I have truly enjoyed showing her in the ring and it was really not a chore!

Again, Thank you. The big question is, who to send next?

Merna and David Bee
Bumbul & Casca Bull Terriers