K9 Conditioning
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About Shawn Sullivan

I have had dogs my whole life. My devotion to the health of my dogs and my interest in fitness led to the creation of K9 Conditioning. It¹s been a life changing experience that offers exciting challenges with measurable results

Canine Experience

>> Certified fitness trainer specializing in speed, agility, and quickness (NESAT)
>> Canine conditioning coach for 3 years
>> Member of International Sled Dog Racing Association & American Canine Sport
Medicine Associate.
Involved in Canine Conformation since 1989

I live in the Washington State; it¹s really a great place to be active. Washington has plenty to offer, the Olympic Mountains, the Coast Range, the Puget Sound Lowlands, the Cascade Mountains, and the Columbia Plateau. Training is done out of my home in Bellevue, a suburb of Seattle. My home is a former horse ranch, sitting on 3.5 wooded acres. I have over an acre securely fenced dog-training area. The property adjoins a 480-acre wilderness park that provides excellent canine fitness terrain. Temperate climate allows training year round. Dogs that board with me are kept in my home not in a garage or an out- building. While here, dogs are treated as I treat my pets and will interact with my family daily. We provide safe, temperature-controlled sleeping areas with extra large crates. Dogs are feed their regular diet, adjusted to the rigors of the exercise programs and offered only bottled distilled water.

We find the most rewarding conditioning results are garnered when we limit the number of dogs in the program to 4 a session.

If, on the rare occasion, veterinarian care is needed, it is provided by Kirkland Animal Hospital. The staff there is very familiar with the type of training that your dog will be participating in. For shipping via air, we have an excellent business relationship with Alaska Airlines Air Cargo at Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport. Alaska has direct flight service to most major cities.