K9 Conditioning
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Sound Fitness Principals

Our conditioning programs have be developed from proven fitness strategies, veterinary sports medicine, and canine physical therapy exercise physiology.

Conformation Conditioning

Conformation conditioning is about achieving the optimal physical look, to conform to a written standard. This is a total body fitness program that is refined through the length of the session. At the programs conclusion the body is geared for specialty competition and athletic enough to be competitive at performance events.

Performance Enhancement Training

Performance enhancement training will increase a dogıs competitive edge. At the same time this conditioning program works to minimize the damage that occurs during an athletic performance.

Whether itıs agility, sledding, tracking, hunting, herding, weight pulling or schutzhund. Performance can fall into 3 different categories; Strength, Sprint, and Endurance. Dogs that compete in events that last less than one minute are generally referred to as being sprint athletes. More than 4 minutes is endurance and single burst is strength. Training for performance is usually very goal specific.

Weight Management

Weight management conditioning is a program designed to get overweight, lethargic dogs back to a healthy state.

Medical Conditioning

Medical conditioning is working with your veterinarian in the healing process. Assisting in the treatment of the dog to restore comfort and function. Post-operation recovery can be very time consuming for owners and can be very trying on the dog. Returning a dog to its pre-trauma activity level is greatly increased through repetitive exercises. .

"It amazes me how many people come to dog shows unprepared with unconditioned dogs.  They would never bring a dog unbathed or even unpromoted; yet they'll bring one soft and out of shape.  Conformation is hard to change but structure and soundness can be advanced through exercise. There is more to a dog than a pedigree.  To me, getting ready for a dog show means getting up every day at 5:00 AM, to condition my dogs. I win dog shows while others sleep."

-Brent Ruppel 
Quicksilver Bull Terriers